Welcome to my #FridayIntroductions...or life story.

Fun fact: I used to blog all the time when I was in high school. If you searched thoroughly, you may even be able to find some of my old ones out on the Internet! But it's been awhile. Please bear with me on this one hehe. Now on to the topic.

Before we get right into it, let me start this off by saying...

Thank you.

Thank you for being you, for being a gift, for being here, for visiting this website I just recently launched (March 8th is the date), and for taking the time to read my very first blog post.

I thought that a #FridayIntroductions post would be appropriate, especially as a newly established shop. While having an online presence, the goal is to remain as authentic and as truthful as I can be so here we go.

Let's start with introducing myself and my business.

Hello there, I'm Eula!

First and foremost,

I am a worthy.

I am loved.

I am a child of God, daughter of a King.

I am founder, creator, calligrapher, designer, marketing manager, scheduler, artist, developer (currently every job title you can think of) of Simplyeu Studio, a faith-based calligraphy and design studio.

I use to imagine what and how my future would be like. The older I got, the more abstract my thoughts became. Being a very imaginative person, I've come to realize, as a mid 20-something year old, that life is not about following a "template" that's been set out for us or a set path way. Life, as they say, truly is what you make of it.

2019 was the year I made my transition away from pursuing a career in the medical field. I am currently a college student striving to step foot in a field where I feel most called to serve -- the tech industry. I spent my early elementary school years fighting my brothers over who gets to use the computer next. Once I got my hands on the keyboard, I dabbled with HTML and CSS, which I didn't even realize was coding, through website-making platforms (anyone heard of piczo or freewebs?). It took lots of deep reflecting for me to realize that this was the path I wanted to take and because of this transition, I was able to open up some time to think of other ways I can hone my skills and revive my passion for calligraphy, which led me to where I am now, the birth of Simplyeu Studio. 

I never would have imagined building a business, let alone, a business where I can express my faith, my creativity, and be in control. At the same time, my business enables me to better myself--to grow in humility, to be self-giving, remain in constant gratitude, develop in skills and technique, to practice patience, to be resilient through challenging times--countless ways I didn't even think was possible to experience, all in a span of four months!

I'll be honest with you. Although it never came easy having to talk about myself, I believe that God has brought me to this point to share something that even I'm still trying to unveil for myself. May it be through my experiences, knowledge, or wisdom, I hope that what I share with you will also be shared to others beyond this computer screen/handheld device. I hope that my calligraphy, designs, my reflections, or my posts, inspire you in some way. 

Thank you for being here.

It has been such a fruitful journey thus far and I'm excited for you to join me in this adventure and the growth of Simplyeu Studio. 

Fiat Voluntas Tua. (Thy Will be done.)

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