Happy One Year, Simplyeu Studio!

Happy Anniversary to Simplyeu Studio!

I have been thinking about this day for awhile, trying to come up with new release ideas and making this day more grand but life took a different turn and that’s okay! One year is an achievement in itself.

I remember this time last year with all the butterflies in my stomach and the uncertainty I was feeling of opening my online shop and putting myself out there. It was a mixture of good fear and debilitating fear but I knew in my heart I would have regretted it if I didn’t take this leap of faith. And I’m glad I did.

I’m grateful that running Simplyeu Studio has allowed me to collaborate with local and global businesses and podcasts, design greeting cards and stickers for local small brands, corporate companies, and special events, open up in new platforms, get featured in Catholic blogs, and more.

Aside from that, I’m even more grateful that Simplyeu Studio has helped me in my personal growth. It gave me the opportunity to breakout of my shell, to take risks, overcome my fears, and share the gift of faith and calligraphy. It has allowed me to be more forgiving, resilient, and intentional. I’ve learned and gained so much wisdom, a deeper understanding on the importance of rest and prayer, and I’m continuously learning not only from my own experiences but through the meaningful connections I’ve made through this journey.

Thank you for your continuous support and I hope we can continue to journey together.

For the mean time, stay tuned for an exciting giveaway (on Instagram) to celebrate our one year as Simplyeu Studio! ♥️

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